YMMV / Touhou Labyrinth

  • Badass Decay: Most of the V3 and V2 bosses on floor 30. Technically they're stronger than their original versions, but if you're grinding to fight the ***WINNER*** you'll be curb stomping them before long. Especially Rinnosuke, once a Climax Boss, gets pretty easy once you can kill him before he switches forms.
    • His V3 is (or was, at least) bugged; his forms are supposed to have separate HP totals, but they don't. One effect of which is that once you inflict enough damage to any elemental form to get him to discard it, he'll already be low enough to discard all the others as well and so won't attack you. This makes it very easy to kill him before he hits his final form (and that form still only has 200,000 HP, which by then your boss-killers can easily do far more than per hit, so even if he does reach it, he's still screwed).
  • Breather Boss: Pretty much every boss on the 19th floor, given what you had to go through on the 18th.
  • Game Breaker: Most attacks with a high damage multiplier and/or that can ignore the enemies' defense, such as Nitori's Megawatt Linear Gun or Eiki's Last Judgement. Some attacks, however, may seem like this, but are balanced out by some weaknesses (Rumia, for instance, has both kinds of attacks, but her average magic stat does her no good).
    • Nitori again in the second game. One of her special skill is called Maintenance which doubles the bonus of equipments. This includes bonus from ailment resistance, and elemental affinity, solidifying her defenses to tank-like levels and making her hit like a truck, that is on top of having the second high-multiplier attack from the first game.
    • The subclass Diva allows the character to constantly push back the turns for every enemies and all allies except the caster back. Repeated usage will cause everyone else to have their turns shifted to 0. While this may sound useless, if you have someone that is fast enough to outpace the enemies, they will get their turn before the enemies and before the Diva pushes back everyone's turn again. Done right, you can deny the enemies to make a single move for the entire battle. This usually done with or involves Aya who sports the highest speed in the game as well as having a skill allowing her to immediately give someone else a turn.
  • Goddamn Bats: Any random enemy with absurdly high speed, due to how the game punishes you for finishing a fight with less than full health.
  • That One Attack: Djinn Storm, which depleted your entire party's SP, including the back row.
    • Great Ruin from the second game is just like Great Calamity/Djinn Storm, except it also reduces your frontliners' HP to 1.
  • That One Boss: Numerous examples, varying from player to player.
  • That One Level: Floors 10-12 are a nightmarish 3-floor lock puzzle with an insane amount of backtracking. Floor 7 is also notable for being a frustrating teleporter maze.
  • That One Sidequest: Recruiting Suika in the second game is easy enough, but until patch 1.140 it required you to collect a total sum of 216k money and spend it on increasingly expensive items in Nitori's shop. To put that into perspective, there's an achievement for getting 10k money in one go, and you're not likely to get that until rather late into the game.