Funny / Time After Time

  • Wells, freshly arrived to 1979 San Francisco, goes to McDonald's for lunch. He listens to the gruff blue collar worker ahead of his give an order, then mimicks that man down to the gruff accent... all before stopping himself at the drink order and switching to his British Accent for "A cup of tea".
    • (rubs his hand all over the plastic table) "I never saw wood like this before."
  • The whole date between Amy and Wells.
    Amy (having just disassembled Wells' collar): "Is the rest of your outfit this interesting?"
  • Asked for his name Wells knows not to give his own, having landed in a museum exhibit of his life, so instead he gives the name of a magazine serial character. Unfortunately the magazine is the Strand and the character is Sherlock Holmes.
  • Wells studying a picture of himself in old age; "Never!"