YMMV / Time After Time

The Film:

  • Angst? What Angst?: By the end of the movie, Amy seems pretty cavalier about her best friend being killed in a Prophecy Twist, and doesn't seem to mind going back to 1893 and leaving her life in 1979 behind.
  • Complete Monster: Dr. John Leslie Stevenson is a London surgeon who moonlights as Jack the Ripper. Nearly caught after claiming his sixth victim, Stevenson flees to 1979 San Francisco in a time machine built by H. G. Wells. Finding he quite likes this future, where warfare has been so revolutionized that Stevenson considers himself an amateur, the Ripper decides to slaughter his way through time, going further into the future any time he feels like he might get caught. True to form, the Ripper starts killing his way through various women, all while pursuing Wells to get a key required to anchor the machine in a certain time. After learning that Wells has acquired a Love Interest in the form of banker Amy Robbins, Stevenson decides to fake her murder by dismembering another woman and taking Amy hostage, threatening to slit her throat if Wells doesn't give him the key.
  • Esoteric Happy Ending: If we figure that the rest of the life that Amy Robbins lives out with Herbert George Wells mirrors that of what actually happened in the real world.
  • Genius Bonus: Amy Robbins was, in fact, the name of Wells' wife. The movie writers did this on purpose.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Essentially, the plot revolves around a British time traveler and a woman named Amy, who harbors romantic feelings for him. Too bad the time machine wasn't a phone booth...
    • Does HG Wells know the 11th Doctor raided his wardrobe?
    • Both Malcolm McDowell and David Warner would later go on to play Admiral Tolwyn in the games and film, respectively.
    • Mary Steenburgen plays a 20th century woman who falls in love with a time traveler from the 19th century. In Back to the Future Part III, she would play a 19th century woman who falls in love with a time traveler from the 20th century, the inverse of this movie. Funnier, considering the time-traveling doctor is white-haired, and her character's name is Clara. And the date traveled to in this movie, November 5, is the same date Marty McFly accidentally traveled to in the first BTTF film.note 
    • At one point, Jack the Ripper calls H.G. Wells "Detective". On Batman: The Animated Series, Ra's Al Ghul, voiced by David Warner, frequently calls Batman "Detective".
  • Idiot Plot: Most of it boils down to the fact that the protagonists seem to have forgotten that they have a time machine.
    • First off, Wells knows when Stevenson is going to show up in the future (November 5, 1979, as seen on the machine's display); he could take a companion and show up at an earlier date, wait around a bit, and nab Stevenson when he shows up.
    • Wells goes to the police in 1979 to tell them that Stevenson is the San Francisco Ripper. The detectives run a check on Stevenson's name, but it comes up negative since Stevenson is unknown in the future. Wells doesn't even pretend that he saw a murder; he asks the detectives to Take My Word for It, and identifies himself as Sherlock Holmes (instead of, say, Herbert Wells) while banking on the hope that the fictional detective would be forgotten by 1979. And he does it again later when he fails to prevent the Ripper's fourth murder, making the detectives suspicious about his odd antics.
    • Stevenson later targets Amy to get back at Wells, and leaves a threatening note at her apartment. A jaunt two days into the future reveals that Stevenson kills Amy at her apartment. Rather than take Amy to literally anywhere or anywhen else than her apartment in 1979, Wells goes back two days to their starting point, and decides that Amy should stay home for a bit (!!!), gather her nerves, and then go to a hotel to hide. Except she takes some sleeping pills with liquor and is completely out of it when Wells is arrested, and is still at home when Stevenson comes around. If not for the Prophecy Twist involving Carol, Amy would be dead.
  • Retroactive Recognition: A young Corey Feldman played the kid who saw H.G. Wells at the museum in SF.
  • Tear Jerker: Amy goes into a severe state of shock when she goes into the future and reads she's the Ripper's fifth victim. Wells is so worried about her safety that he confesses to the murders as long as the police will protect her, and when it's revealed he isn't the Ripper it's because Stevenson already struck, killing Carol and kidnapping Amy. The policeman in charge of the investigation sincerely apologizes to Wells and lets him go.

The Series:

  • Evil Is Sexy: Somewhat. Women are very attracted to John, but that goes away when he attacks them.
  • Tear Jerker: John's a monster, no question about it, but you have to shed a few tears in "Picture Fades" when he has to watch his son die as fated after making a concerted effort to save his life. Especially since said son is a wholeheartedly good man in a way that John never has been.