Funny / The Young Protectors

  • On keeping the Young Protectors' 15 year old computer expert from accessing porn online:
    Spooky: I could summon a demon to eat the computer, if you want...
    Commander: No one is summoning anything to eat any of our equipment and that's final!
    Spooky: It would just be a very small demon.
    Commander: NO!
    • Made even more humorous by the fact that Commander is in a different room, off-panel, the whole time.
  • Generally, anything Spooky says during the interlude.
  • Tsunami's facial expressions make it even better.
  • Kyle, upon seeing fanart of him and Spooky together:
    Kyle: You... uh... you seem to be saying "no" a lot. Like in every panel.
  • A meta Funny from the commenters about Interlude one, Page 13note : A hypothetical conversation between Spooky and the Commander:
    Commenter 1:"But Mummmmm... You never let me summon demons to eat our equipment!. :-( "
    "I said No, Spooky!"
    Commenter 2: "But ALL my friends are allowed to summon demons to eat their equipment!" note 
    Commenter 3: "[A]nd if All your friends jumped off a bridge.... we'd just be down to [F]lyboy."
    Commenter 2: "Okay, okay, I get it. No bridge diving, check. ...[B]ut can I summon that demon, now?" *innocent look*