Funny / The Young Protectors

  • On keeping the Young Protectors' 15 year old computer expert from accessing porn online:
    Spooky: I could summon a demon to eat the computer, if you want...
    Commander: No one is summoning anything to eat any of our equipment and that's final!
    Spooky: It would just be a very small demon.
    Commander: NO!
    • Made even more humorous by the fact that Commander is in a different room, off-panel, the whole time.
  • Generally, anything Spooky says during the interlude.
  • Tsunami's facial expressions make it even better.
  • Kyle, upon seeing fanart of him and Spooky together:
    Kyle: You... uh... you seem to be saying "no" a lot. Like in every panel.
  • A meta Funny from the commenters about Interlude one, Page 13note : A hypothetical conversation between Spooky and the Commander:
    Commenter 1:"But Mummmmm... You never let me summon demons to eat our equipment!. :-( "
    "I said No, Spooky!"
    Commenter 2: "But ALL my friends are allowed to summon demons to eat their equipment!" note 
    Commenter 3: "[A]nd if All your friends jumped off a bridge.... we'd just be down to [F]lyboy."
    Commenter 2: "Okay, okay, I get it. No bridge diving, check. ...[B]ut can I summon that demon, now?" *innocent look*
  • On page 32 of chapter 4, we see Fluke throw one of Spooky's flasks to try and stop Annihilator or Platinum Priestess somehow. Something huge, brown, and mysterious erupts from the flask just in time to block PP's attack from striking Commander. And on page 33, we find out what it was: A twenty-foot-tall bear. That shoots laser beams from its eyes. It's so utterly bizarre that it's hard not to burst into hysterical laughter. Needless to say, the reaction in the comments was... further confusion.
    • To make it even better, the bear's backside is smoking when we see it clearly. Yes, that's right. Sircea shot a giant bear in the ass. It is understandably pissed.
    • Possibly the cherry on top is, per Amanda, the fact that Spooky was not supposed to keep that thing. Of course, why she trusted Spooky of all people to not keep a massive bear demon that shoots lasers from its eyes is another matter entirely...
  • When fighting the demon king, the heroes draw on their final wind to try to defeat him. The first move made by the team? Fluke throws the Annihilator's kunai into the King's always covered in shadow member.
  • Gordon cracks a joke. No one laughs not because it isn't funny, but because no one thought he could tell a joke.
    • Also it's hilarious to imagine yourself as a hostage just sitting there for all this time taking in all this ridiculousness and the heroes are too busy making out and gawking to set you free.