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The Annihilator is...

There's going to be a Discriminate and Switch...
  • ... When the team finds out about Kyle and Anni.
    Teammate: You can't have a thing for him! It's just wrong!
    Kyle: Why? Because we're both men?!
    Teammate: What? No! Because he's a villain.

Kyle's closet is pretty transparent to at least some of his teammates.
  • Probably Commander, considering her powers.
    • (Kyle had just come out:)
      Commander: Yeah, about that; I know.
      Kyle: How?
      Commander: Sweetie, what part of telepathy do you not understand?
    • Jossed. She never invaded Kyle's privacy by reading his deeper thoughts. She only reads surface thoughts when she can't blocked them out.

The assassination attempt on the Annihilator was a set-up by the Annihilator himself
  • The Annihilator has already admitted that he is not above doing unscrupulous things to get what he wants, including putting other people's lives in danger, and that assassination attempt on him in Hong Kong seemed timed way too well to be random. How could Hunter and Killer possibly know Annihilator was going to be there? And even if Kyle was invisible, what were the chances as vigilantes they wouldn't have any heat-seeking visors for locating stealthy opponents? And Annihilator really had invisibility magic on-hand on the off-chance he'd need to hide Kyle? My guess is, Annihilator hired Hunter and Killer himself to make himself look good for Kyle, would also explain why he saved the one from the explosion, it wasn't because Kyle made him want to be a better person, it was because he had hired them and letting them die on the job would be bad business.
    • Confirmed! The only difference is that the two heroes didn't know the tip came from the Annihilator and he didn't expect to come so close to actually losing to them.

The Annihilator's is a Power Parasite Power Theft...

Somehow, this is a trick
Being a villain is one thing, but plotting to sacrifice the vast majority of Earth's population to be ruled/eaten by the Devil? That's a Moral Event Horizon if I ever saw one (and hence make it completely unacceptable for Kyle to date him). The second Laampros goes through to Earth, he'll find himself in some sort of magic binding or something.

That or, you know, he's a Romantic False Lead, as suggested above.
  • Sorta Jossed/sorta Confirmed. If the deal went south, the Annihilator and the Platinum Princess planned to push him back through type portal, but the Annihilator, at the very least, thought summoning the demon was the only to save the world in the long run.

Paul/Fluke is gay
As of Chapter 3 he *has* been dropping some hints that he's interested in Kyle in a romantic way.
  • Zigzagged? Not Paul but Flyboy said he, himself, was. Though as of yet no confirmation on romantic interest.

The Platinum Priestess' power comes from some other source that isn't hell

So far, it's confirmed that two conventional magic users are waddling around, and Spooky draws his powers from Hell. However, Sircea's magic has a different colour and effect, almost resembling holy magic. She's clearly very old and mysterious as well. Given her own time as being worshipped as a goddess, her powers are probably pagan in nature, from the old gods predating the abrahamic religions, and thus hell and heaven.

Sircea is Circe herself
Besides the name, she is also an old semi-divine being with light-based powers, so...

Kyle has a crush on Spooky.
This page is pretty suggestive and Kyle's even blushing.