Funny / The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

  • Lefty attacks the family's lair with a huge chainsaw, demanding vengeance for his murdered nephew, while Drayton thinks he's an assassin sent by a rival catering company.
    Lefty: I'm the Lord of the Harvest.
    Drayton: Who's that? Some new health food bunch?
  • Throughout the film, Drayton complains that the small businessman always gets it in the ass. When Lefty shows up to avenge his loved ones, take a wild guess as to where Lefty's chainsaw goes first.
    • It gets even funnier, because even though he's in agony, Drayton looks on the brightside as the chainsaw took care of his hemorrhoids.
  • During Lefty's chainsaw duel with Leatherface, the decrepit Grandpa Sawyer struggles to get to his feet and aid his grandson. Finally, he gets in position and throws his hammer at Lefty... missing him completely and clocking Leatherface in the head instead. Then Grandpa falls over.