Funny: The Odd Couple

  • One word: "Password!"
  • Another word: "Assume."
  • Felix and Oscar doing role-reversal therapy in "I Gotta Be Me."
  • "The Jury Story", Felix and Oscar get a glimpse of each other's room service meals: Felix orders sand dabs and a side of cottage cheese, and Oscar orders a rare steak with a baked potato and fried onions. Felix remarks how tasty Oscar's meal looks, but the look of horror on his face as Oscar drowns his steak in A-1 sauce and ketchup speaks volume.
    Oscar: This is a good steak! Mmm!
    Felix: Do you always talk with your mouth full?
    Oscar: Only when I'm eating. Where's the butter?
    Felix: It's on your sleeve.
    • From the same episode, Felix goes to bed early, forcing Oscar to do the same, but every time Oscar tries to fall asleep, one of Felix's quirks (nasal honking, clearing his ears) disturbs him.
    Oscar: It's 10:00... sand dabs, sinuses, ears, nerve medicine... I've never known anybody who hung his socks on a hanger! What kind of a person does that?!
    Felix: A neat person.
    Oscar: Yeah, maybe a weird person!
    Felix: (Insulted) I did not asked to be locked in this room with you.
    Oscar: Okay. Okay, that last crack wasn't called for, but you're not the easiest guy to share a room with.
    Felix: Aren't you going to apologize?
    Oscar: (Shrugs) Okay, I apologize.
    Felix: It's too late for that!
  • Felix confronts Lovelace, the building super intendent, and threatens a rent strike if he goes through with his plans to raise rent.
    Lovelace: You're a trouble-maker, Unger.
    Felix: And darned proud of it! This country was founded by trouble-makers!
  • "And Leave the Greyhound to Us", Felix and Oscar adopt a scrawny, pitiful-looking greyhound, and while Oscar wants it simply to race it, Felix absolutely falls in love with it and dotes on it like a mother would her child, from feeding and watering it, to showering it with affection, and even singing operetta to it.