Funny: The Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nóg

  • Some of Rohan and Princess Deidre's banter form the episode "Tir Na Nog".
    Rohan: I'm thinking of a plan.
    Deidre: What is it?
  • In a Blink And You'll Miss It moment in the episode "The Fire Dragon of Dare". Ivar, Angus, and Rohan are practicing with their new weapons (actually there just fiddling around). Then Deirdre calls them out on it.
    Deirdre: Stop that! What are you, knights or nimrods?!
    • Did they even have that word back then?
      • Yes. Nimrod was a king and a hunter back before Christ, he ruled Babel and a few other cities. Of course, back in the time the show would be happening, it didn't mean an idiot, it was closer to being a tyrant.
  • It's amazing what magic can do! Like turning moss into pants.
  • Garrett on the receiving end of (hopefully) baby dragon spit.