Funny / The Mysterious Cities of Gold

  • One of the earliest moments in the series that will elicit a laugh is during the otherwise hazardous Straits of Magellan. Due to an argument belowdecks, Sancho and Pedro inadvertently steer the ship in such a way that causes a scheming Gomez and Gaspard to lock lips. Later, when Mendoza orders the ship to turn to starboard, Gaspard looses his balance once more, to Gomez's clear dismay.
  • Several times, Esteban gets side tracked by butterflies. Lampshaded by Tao during the trip to the Fort of the Black Eagle, who speculates that there may be no butterflies in Spain. This trait receives a call back in season two, when Esteban follows a butterfly around a Shaolin temple.
  • Gaspard tries to demonstrate how to fire a rifle to a squadron of Japanese infantrymen, and ends up almost killing the Daimyo.