Funny / The Mouse That Roared

The Mouse That Roared book

The Mouse That Roared 1959 film
  • The narrator hanging a lampshade on Peter Sellers' multiple roles in the film, by stating that Sir Roger Fenwick "was in every possible way, the father of his country."
  • There's is an explosion and a huge mushroom cloud on the horizon.
    Narrator: Ladies and gentlemen, this is not the end of the film. However, something like this might easily happen, and we thought we should put you in the proper mood. And now, back to our story.
  • This gem when General Snippet and the four NYC policemen are thrown into a "dungeon" (actually a museum) to see all the various medieval torture devices that Fenwick used in the past.
    General Snippet: Now remember men, only your name, rank and serial number
    Policeman: What if they torture us?
    General Snippet: Nevermind what they do. Don't talk.
    Second Policeman: Can we scream a little?
    • And eventually Snippet's intransigence leads to him sitting alone in a cell grumbling about his slop-tray not being the regulation size and composition as dictated by the Geneva Convention, while the policemen enjoy delicacies cheerfully offered up by scantily-clad serving girls.

The Mouse on the Moon 1963 film
  • Watching the American and Russian astronauts squabble over who gets to claim the moon in the name of their country. Only for the Fenwick astronauts to walk right up to them and inquire what all the fuss is about.