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Funny: The Man With Two Brains
  • Hfuhruhurr: Little girl… I want you to do something very important, alright?
    Six year old girl: Ok.
    Hfuhruhurr:I want you to run home, and I want you to call the ER of North Bank general hospital. 932-1000. Tell him to set up O.R.6 immediately and contact anesthesiologist Isadora Turek 472-2112 beep 12. Have him send an ambulance with a paramedic crew, light I.V D5NW-KVO, you got it?
    Six year old girl: (flawlessly) E.R North Bank General Hospital 932-1000 setup O.R6, contact anesthesiologist Isadora Turek 472-2112 beep 12. Ambulance with paramedics and light I.V. D5NW and KVO.
    Hfuhruhurr: That’s good.
    Six year old girl: Sounds like a subdural hematoma to me.
    Hfuhruhurr: (annoyed) Oh… it does, does it? Well, its not your job to diagnose!
    Six year old girl: But I thought…
    Hfuhruhurr: (enraged) You thought, you thought, just go! Three years of nursery school and you think you know it all! Well you’re still wet behind the ears. It’s not a subdural hematoma, its epidural'! Ha! God damn that makes me mad!
  • The lead character's name is Hfuhruhurr, which is funny enough all by itself.
  • The dialogue during Dolores' initial surgery involving her exposed private parts and the heart his assistant shaved on it since it's Valentine's Day.
    • "I suppose if it were Christmas, you'd hang ornaments on it!"
  • Hfuhruhurr suffering through the world's toughest drunk-driving test, which culminates in simultaneous juggling, tap-dancing and singing the "Catalina Madelina" song.

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