Funny / The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer

  • Unicorn.
    • And Invisible. Specifically, when Anima invests the two chosen Knights with the power of each.
  • Yayoi accidentally overkilling Shimaki's 7th golem during training is hard to forget.
  • The Beast Knights' faces when they find out about the Blues Drive Monster.
  • "Give me back my 5000 yen!"
  • Mikazuki's ecstatic reaction to the Blues Drive Monster.
  • Anima's refusal to accept that Yayoi and Shimaki are married in the Distant Finale
  • Nothing can beat Yayoi and Shea's faces when Yuuhi and Noi become the Invisible! Nothing!
  • Animus and Sami's second meeting.
    Animus: What are the circumstances behind Anima's current status?
    Sami: *pats her stomach* I ate her.
  • When Hangetsu gives Yuuhi a spare Magical Mary figure, he and Hisame instinctively look up its skirt to find the model included panties, commenting that it's well made. Several months later, when Maimakterion transforms into Mary, Animus does the same exact thing, comment and all.
  • The conclusion to Yuuhi and Mikazuki's big rematch, another major Brick Joke.