Funny / The Infinity Gauntlet

  • After the Gauntlet is dropped, a bunch of heroes and villains go rushing towards it. Drax the Destroyer grabs the Hulk in a headlock, causing Hulk to yell "You idiot! I'm on your side!!"
    • There's also something funny in that same panel about Thor striking Thanos on the back of the head, causing the Mad Titan to Face Plant.
  • There's also something insanely funny about how Thanos is defeated. It can be summed up in one word: Yoink.
  • Dr. Doom objects to Thanos and Warlock working together, saying "They used to be comrades!" The other surviving heroes escort him out of the room. Thanos then turns to ask Warlock, "Well, comrade, what now?"
  • Spidey webbing Thanos' face.