Funny: The Fountainhead

  • Roark's totally deadpan reactions to boss-to-be Hank Cameron's raging interrogations when they first meet.
  • Roark and Mike wage some hilariously awesome Snark-to-Snark Combat, when they meet for the first time.
  • Peter Keating's reactions to Dominique's two Sarcastic Confessions when he asks her whom she slept with before him.
  • Wynand's response to the "We Don't Read Wynand" campaign — a bumper sticker that says "We Don't Either."
  • Wynand calling out Toohey when he finds out Steven Mallory sculpted Dominique's statue:
    Wynand: Ellsworth, have so many people tried to kill you that you can't remember their names?
  • Howard's description of Roger Enright uncovering the Stealth Compliments in Dominique's article about the Enright House.
  • Dominique tries to damage her fireplace as an excuse to get the quarry worker she's lusting after into her house, but she only succeeds in scratching the marble a little bit. Nevertheless, she finds the worker and tells him she has a slab of marble that's broken and needs to be replaced. When Roark comes and sees it, he calmly takes a hammer and wedge to it.