Funny / The Birds

There are two completely unrelated stories, from different eras, by this name.

The Aristophanes play
  • The hilariously OTT bogus soothsayer (whose oracle is all about what to give the first soothsayer who comes to Cloudcuckooland), and how Peisthetaerus sorts him out.
  • When talking about making offerings to the birds:
    Peisthetaerus: Is a goat being slain for King Zeus, there is a King-Bird, the wren, to whom the sacrifice of a male gnat is due before Zeus himself even.
    Euelpides: This notion of an immolated gnat delights me!
  • Some of the Take Thats Aristophanes throws in, if you know the history of the time.
  • Euelpides' idea of the trouble he wouldn't mind. Peisthetaerus', however, does not qualify due to Values Dissonance.

The Hitchcock film

  • Melanie Daniels and Mitch Brenner's sniping back and forth in the pet store.
  • The gas station attendant being taken out with one bird.
  • "It's the end o' the world!"
  • The trailer has Hitchcock give a lecture about how man has benefited from the hunting and capturing of birds, before a flock storms to attack.
    • That whole trailer is tongue-in-cheek done to perfection; one specific moment has Hitchcock talk about chicken eggs, and how he won't go into "which came first" because he prefers not to deal with "controversial subjects." Right.