Nightmare Fuel / The Birds
Remember, no sudden movements.

  • The idea of regular birds conspiring to kill every human in town. Birds attacking everyone left and right, and they can't be outrun.
  • When Mrs. Brenner goes to check on the farmer, only to find the windows are shattered open and the farmer is dead in his bedroom, his eyes pecked out...
  • The iconic scene of the ravens just sitting there... all of them... sitting there on the playground jungle gym waiting for the school kids to come out...
  • The attic scene. Good grief... Just the fact that despite Mitch boarding every door and window, the birds still managed to find a way into the house.
  • The birds pecking through the door, trying to get into the house.
  • When Melanie glances out of the telephone booth and sees a fellow citizen with his face dripping with blood from the birds' attack.
  • The original ending.
  • Poor Annie. When Mitch and Melanie find her, she looks like a rag doll flung across her porch steps.