Funny: Texas Chainsaw 3D

  • During Heather and Nikki's first conversation, Nikki talks about a costume she has for an upcoming Halloween party, she then grabs her ass and says "Ooowwwhhh"
  • During the Carnival Chase, Leatherface runs into a kid weilding a toy chainsaw. the kid ask's him if he wants to play a game, and Leatherface revs his own chainsaw as if to say "GET OUTTA HERE".
  • Probably counts as a Moral Event Horizon or Crosses the Line Twice, but the scene where a cop is sent to search out Leatherface and finds Nikki locked in a freezer, he's caught by surprise and shoots her in the face. Cue Burt Hartman and Sheriff Hooper freaking out.
  • Nikki's method of luring Trey into the barn.