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Awesome: Texas Chainsaw 3D
  • Carl Hartman and Leatherface both get one during the Carniviel chase. Hartman rushes to save Heather, aims his gun and yells at Leatherface to put the chainsaw down. Leatherface gets his moment when he throws the chainsaw has Carl.
  • When Leatherface listens to a police radio ( he was examining a police cruiser from a cop he killed.) and hears that Burt Hartman is at the slaughterhouse with Heather, he calmly retrives his extra chainsaw and walks down to the slaughterhouse.
  • A minor one but Leatherface has a picture that was taken of the lynch mob after his family's lynching. For every member he kills, he crosses there face out of the picture with a nail.
  • Sheriff Burt Hartman is a sadistic asshole, no doubt, but he gets major Villainous Valor credits for looking at Leatherface, armed with a chainsaw and currently pissed off, and attacking him without even flinching. He even manages to, for a short amount of time, parry his chainsaw with a crowbar.
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