Funny: Tales of Innocence

  • When Chitose kisses Luca after the first battle against Ricardo, Iria makes this high pitched screechy sound. R makes it even better with Chitose apparently kissing Luca aggressively, judging from Luca's reaction (who shuts his eyes tight and waves both of his hands wildly in panic).
  • A skit featuring Iria, Ange and Ricardo discussing Ricardo's health. Iria thinks he lacks color in his face because he was a reaper in his past life. Ricardo says if that was the case Ange would be a man despite her looks. Ange says she was surprised he could tell. Their reactions are awesome.
  • Ange asking Ricardo to protect her from the heat of Kelm Volcano, which Ricardo replies to in all-professional, stoic manner. R makes it even funnier by having the "dire situation" BGM plays in the background instead of the dungeon theme.
  • In the original, when Hermana accidentally pushes Ange's Berserk Button, the scene goes deathly quiet as Ange descends into Tranquil Fury, complete with a flash and thundering sound. In R, the thundering sound is replaced by a mere flashing sound, but to make it up, the scene has Kongwai gets startled at (in his own words) how terrifying Ange becomes.
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