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Innocence will be localized in US 2011 by Nintendo

Why? Nintendo of Europe is localizing the Namco game Solatorobo. It got trademarked around the same time as Tales of Innocence's US RE-trademark. To I is also Namco related.

No A and No E have plans to localize a bunch of old DS games that didn't get localized before in the US and EU to keep the DS alive.

Thus, I theorize Nintendo of America will localize Tales of Innocence.

The earlier you die in Devaloka, the older you are in Naraka.

Himmel died earlier than Orifiel, so Albert is older than Ange in Naraka. Orifiel and Hypnos, being a member of the losing side of the war (Sensus won, right? I don't really remember.), died earlier than the people from Sensus, so Ricardo and Ange are older than Luca, Iria, Spada and Hermana. Asura, Inanna and Durandal all died together (unless we count Durandal being split in two as death) so Ruca, Iria and Spada are of similar ages. Vtra and Cerberus are next to immortal, which is why they were the last ones to reincarnate and why Hermana and Chien are younger compared to the rest of the team.

As for the child Avatars like the ones Hermana are taking care of, they might have died/reincarnated twice.

tl;dr The earlier you die = the earlier you reincarnate = the more time you spend on Naraka

There will be a Sixth Ranger in the Updated Re-release

As with the continuing trend, if not someone new entirely, it will be...
  • Chien. It seemed like such a waste for him to Heel–Face Turn and subsequently do nothing because of having to recover. Main problem would be he doesn't have a typical Tales combat archetype, and this series isn't known for bringing in an 11th-Hour Ranger.
    • To be fair, Innocence already had odd character classes. A gun-totting spellcaster and knife-wielding healer, etc etc.
  • Albert. Despite being a leader, there's nothing to say he can't leave someone else in charge temporarily, like Flynn and Richard from Vesperia and Graces respectively.

The remake will be localized

Ange and Orifiel are both trans women
Hence the perceived dissonance in their genders. Orifiel never got the opportunity to transition or decided not to, while Ange transitioned early in life or had parents that let her be herself as soon as she was able to say so. Alternatively, only Orifiel was a trans woman, and Ange is a cis girl as a direct result of that.