Funny / Super Size Me

  • Spurlock shows an image of supposedly a historical figure to a little boy. The boy identifies the image as George Bush. When Spurlock shows the image to the audience, it turns out to be Jesus.
  • Spurlock's wife randomly informing us about their sex life.
  • Spurlock playing with a McDonald's toy while attempting to reach a corporate exec on the phone.
    Spurlock: [squeeky voice] You're not gonna talk to *anyone*, and you'll *like* it that way...
  • This quote, right before Spurlock loses his lunch.
    Spurlock: And now's the time of the meal when you start getting the McStomachache. You start getting the McTummy, you get the McGurgles in there. You get the McBrick, then you get the McStomachache. Right now I've got some McGas that's rockin'. My arms...I feel like I've got some McSweats goin'. My arms got the McTwitches going in here from all the sugar that's going in my body right now. I'm feeling a little McCrazy.
    • As well as Spurlock audibly letting out some of his McGas shortly afterwards.