Funny / Strictly Come Dancing

  • For most people, John Sergeant's paso doble.
  • In series 8, Pamela's 'Firecracker moment'.
  • In the same series, Katya Virshilas trying to get Gavin Henson to emote appropriately for the rumba by telling him "I'm thinking sexy thoughts." Gavin's response? "Good for you."
  • Ann Widdicombe's Rumba was this for a lot of people.
  • Craig's critique of Russell Grant's American Smooth (which really requires the context to come across):
    Craig: Immortal, darling.
  • Dave Myers' cha-cha-cha.
  • Bruno Tonioli falling off his chair. Happens again in Series 13.
  • Mark Ramprakash managing to get Karen's microphone wire wrapped around himself 10 seconds into the dance, necessitating a do-over.