Heartwarming / Strictly Come Dancing

  • Series 8, week 8 (Blackpool week). James and Pamela's reaction to both being in Blackpool and getting two 10's. In context: James Jordan has been on the show for five years. Every year, he's had an above average celebrity, who, with a bit of luck, might have made it to the final (see: Gabby Logan, Cherie Lunghi, Zoe Lucker). Every year, they've been voted off by the public before the point where the judges start giving out tens (or the point where they would be going to Blackpool, in certain series' case). Except this one. It took him five years, but he got there in the end.
  • In series 9, everybody comforting Chelsee Healey after she suffered a wardrobe malfunction mid-dance.
  • Dani and Vincent getting into the final in the series 10 semi-final results; they were the last couple to be called safe. Vincent looks confused, realises they're going through, and puts his head in his hands and falls to the floor.
  • All the contestants from The People's Strictly, the Comic Relief mini-series featuring members of the public who do a lot significant charity work. The winner was a retired British-Canadian medic who helped keep his unit alive, despite significant injury to himself, and works with disabled veterans like himself.