Awesome / Strictly Come Dancing

  • Artem winning the Botofogo challenge, and world record, not only was he the fastest of the professionals he was also one of the most accurate.
  • Michael Vaughan in Halloween week of the 2012 series. In the first three weeks his highlight had been a mediocre waltz in week 1, which he had then followed with the lowest-scoring jive ever and a cha-cha-cha that landed him in the dance-off, where he was saved by just one vote. Expectations were low as he started his quickstep... which earned a standing ovation from the audience, a round of applause from Craig and a score of 31, putting him joint second on the leaderboard.
  • St Jill of Halfpenny's holy Jive, blessed be its name. It seems low-key by modern standards, but it was the first dance to score a perfect 40 on the show and completely blew away the rest of the competition. It's often regarded by long-term fans as Strictly's Growing the Beard moment, showing just how good the dancing could get and turning the show from a novelty charity event into a TV institution.