Funny / Stephen Hawking

  • His appearance on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.
    John: So... there might be a universe where I'm smarter than you?
  • And another appearance in Monty Python's One Down (Five To Go) - running down Professor Brian Cox for picking apart "The Galaxy Song", and then flying off into the galaxy while singing the song.
  • His birthday is two days after that of Eddie Redmayne, who played him in The Theory of Everything. When Redmayne pointed this out, saying they're both Capricorns, Hawking replied "I'm an astronomer, not an astrologist."
  • Judging by the previews, his upcoming Little Britain sketch for Comic Relief where Lou is his new carer is shaping up to be this:
    Lou: We'll have a nice look around; I'll take you home and get your tea on; and then, if you're very good Stevie, you can watch Peppa Pig.
    Stephen Hawking: Piss off.
  • When asked about the cosmological significance of Zayn leaving One Direction he responded "Finally, a question that matters."
    • On the same subjected, he also suggested that people upset over Zayn's departure from the band should deal with their grief by studying physics, in the hopes that they may discover a parallel universe in which 1D is still intact.
  • According to an interview with someone who worked with him during his cameo on The Simpsons, Hawking has a macro on his voice synthesizer to ask his driver to slow down. His kids once rigged it to instead say, "Go, you bastard! GO!"