Funny: Stay Tuned

  • Typically when they end up on a show, even after getting the remote control, they at least wait to see what is going on before they try to escape. Our hero (played by John Ritter) ends up on what is obviously the set of Three's Company. He sees the girls, who ask "Where have you been?!", hears the theme song, screams at the camera, and immediately changes channels.
  • The animated segment directed by the legendary Chuck Jones.
    Roy: Boy, this is strange!
    Helen: Strange? I'm a cartoon mouse wearing high-heel running shoes. The word "strange" is somewhat lacking.
    • During that segment, we briefly cut back to Mr. Spike's "control room", where one of the electronic notice boards says "Remember, Tuesday is Saddam Hussein Appreciation Day."
  • Did you know that Star Trek phasers had a "Torture" setting?