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Funny: Spiral
  • Eyes randomly taking a packet of dried sardines out of his pocket.
    Eyes: There are those kinds of days, too.
    Kousuke: (thinking) ... Just what kind of days are "those days"?!
  • In chapter 39 (Yen Press translation):
    Hiyono: Right now, Narumi-san is being held in music room number 6 on the 5th floor of wing C. (...)
    Kousuke: ... Little Lady... How do you know that?
    Hiyono: Fufufu... I figured this would happen, so I put a tracking device on Narumi-san...
    Hiyono: (coughs) I mean! Call it the the sixth sense of a girl in love.
  • The kitty ears.
  • Ayumu, upon being asked what's the name of "that cute girl with the braids", honestly, seriously thinks about it for 3 panels before admitting, completely deadpan, "I forgot."
  • Many of the manga 4-koma (bonus 4-panel gags). Especially Kanone and Eyes throwing knives.
  • In Alive, Kiyotaka is the FASTEST FROG IN THE WOOOOOOOORLD. And green is beautiful.
    • And anything Imari does, really, especially when she takes the nunchuks out.
  • Whenever Kannone isn't busy being an absolute badass, he tends to be side-splittingly hilarious.
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