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Funny: Speed Grapher
  • "Yes, I'll be needing you to get me another car immediately... preferably one that can't be BLOWN UP BY A FUCKING CAMERA!"
  • Niharii's reaction to the diamond lady Euphoric biting off a woman's finger so she could eat a diamond ring is pretty funny too.
    "Lady, that's fucked up!"
  • The entirety of Episode 16, which is a clip episode. It's handled in such a way that it can't be presented as anything but a clip episode as well as adding a new dimension to the series as a whole: It's about the Roppongi Club's accountant tallying up all of the membership fees, then the expenses Saiga has done up to that point, which turns out to be relatively equal. We see various clips and are then shown how much it cost.
  • The president of the U.S. is a parody of former president George W. Bush.
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