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Fridge: Speed Grapher
  • I had one with Speed Grapher which is also somewhat Fridge Horror given the disturbing implications. It's revealed in the series that Kagura is Suitengu's Morality Pet because she reminds him of his dead little sister, and when the hero accuses him of using her as a way of pretending that he had never lost his sister, Suitengu concedes this is true. The stated reason that Suitengu has Kagura secretly given drugs that prevent the onset of menstruation/stunt her growth is that her body needs to be in this state to empower Euphorics. However, given that Suitengu's sister was sold into sexual slavery as a child, and he encountered her later on as a drug-addled prostitute, it's likely that Suitengu sees his warped behavior toward Kagura as a way of "undoing" what happened to his sister.-Jordan
  • Notice the lack of consistency in the driver's side of the car? I believe Japan steers on the right of the car and the left of the road, and though this is mostly reversed in the series, there are a few drivers with a right-side steering wheel.
  • Fridge Horror: Although Suitengu's plans wind up accomplished, we shouldn't be celebrating, since Japan practically turned into another Weimar Republic.

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