Funny / Space Cases

  • Almost anything Thelma said or did: "Excellent idea, Pierre. The corn muffins look scrumptious today!"
  • It's easy to tell that this "crew" is not USS Enterprise material just yet.
    Commander Goddard: Radu, raise the shields.
    Radu: How do I do that?
    Commander Goddard: I don't know.
  • Radu sneezes, and snow flies out of his ears.
    Thelma: His temperature is thirty-five degrees Celsius. Low, even for Andromedans. Oh, and his barometric pressure is dropping. I think he's going to snow.
  • This exchange rigth after Radu walks away down the hall.
    Harlan whispering: Andromedans, they're all crazy.
    Radu: I heard that!
    Harlan whispering lower: How could you not with those ears?.
    Radu: I heard that too!
  • When the crew are trying to stop their doppelgangers, Miss Davenport encounters hers.
    Evil Davenport: So now I guess you're going to dazzle me with your intellect or give me demerits or faint?
    Good Davenport: (very, very British) No, I believe I'll just punch your lights out. (Jumps into a Fighting Irish fisticuffs pose.) Come and get it!
    • The best part? Good Davenport WINS.
  • So many of Miss Davenport's lines were this; delivery and accent are what made them hysterical. See in "Both Sides Now," when Android!Suzee is walking toward her with the probe to return her knowledge to the Christa.
    Davenport: (very, very British) Now where are you planning to stick that? (It was in her ear.)
    • There's also her delivery of "I really hate this planet!" when she and Bova get stuck inside a giant plant.
  • When Harlan is pretending to be the captain, Elmira asks why Goddard (who's pretending to be the cook) seems to have so much authority. Harlan explains that if the cook doesn't get his way the crew doesn't get dessert.
  • In the episode 'Mother Knows Best,' Thelma reports her concerns about the creature referring to itself as Ma, exerting her influence on the crew.
    Davenport: Nagging voice? Power sucking? Sapping energy? That sounds like my mother.
  • Much of Harlan's trial in "Tie Me Down Kangaroo Court." Radu is both a witness and on the jury ("We believe in recycling."), Catalina's recounting involves an incredibly exaggerated Harlan and Radu, Rosie, and Bova serving as a cheer squad (despite they weren't even on the Command Post at the time of the incident in question), and then, after she's been called on her inaccuracies, Harlan provides almost the same story with their positions reversed, STILL WITH THE CHEER SQUAD.