Funny / Snuff

  • The Pride and Prejudice shout outs.
    • The best part being that in the epilogue, Sam is surprised to find that Jane's novel Pride and Extreme Prejudice is now dedicated to him.
  • Young Sam's continuing obsession with poo.
    "I've got a laboratory in the lavatory."
  • Young Sam learns to milk a goat.
    "Dad! I know how to milk a goat, Dad! You have to pull its tits, Dad, they're all wiggly!"
  • The titles of the children's books. "The World of Poo", "Melvin and the Enormous Boil", or "The Boy Who Didn't Know How To Pick His Own Scabs" among others.
  • The bathroom in Ramkin Hall, where the decorator had gone rather overboard with Faun motifs. As Sybil said, use of the bathroom when she was a child rather ensured that she wouldn't be shocked in later life.
  • The explanation of the rules of crocket, which takes so long that (metaphorically presumably, but with Pratchett you never know), the universe ages and ends, a new universe is born, life evolves, a new Sam Vimes exists, and he's there just in time to hear the end.
  • Early on, the explanation of why Vimes never argued with Sybil:
    ...because even when he thought he had won, it would later turn out, due to some magic unavailable to husbands, that he had been misinformed.
  • Vimes uneasily reflecting that he had always thought of authors as people who just lounged around in their dressing gowns all day, drinking champagne, and a footnote asserts that this is, of course, completely true.
    • And in at least one language, that footnote has a translator's footnote stating that this must be true, since Mr. Pratchett knows what he's talking about.
  • The Wonderful Fanny (already a source of double entendres: "by then we should be able to see the Fanny", etc.) gets malapropismed by Vetinari of all people as the Enormous Fanny. When corrected, he's implied to be embarrassed and/or trying not to laugh; "he did not exactly meet Vimes's gaze".