Heartwarming / Snuff

  • Every single scene with Young Sam and the goblins.
    "Mushrooms shouldn't cry!"
  • Vimes buying boots one and a half sizes too big because telling Sybil that the socks she makes are horrendous would break her heart. Particularly when you consider a sock that thick probably interferes with his ability to read the cobbles through the worn-out soles, something he's quite proud of.
  • "Thank you for being kind to the boy from Cockbill Street." "I waited a long time for you to turn up, Samuel Vimes, and I don't intend to let you go to waste!"
    • Gah, just everything with Vimes and Sybil in this book, including the sexual stuff. It's so sweet to know that he's gone from "well, we're both over forty, maybe 'love' isn't the thing to shoot for here" in Men at Arms to being so wrapped up in Sybil in this book, and knowing that she feels the same way. They really get closer in every book.
  • The aristocracy of Ankh-Morpork and elsewhere (usually portrayed as bigoted, stuck up snobs) are so moved by Tears of the Mushroom's music that basically the entirety of the Sto Plains decides to emancipate the goblin race and grant them full rights immediately. Considering how resistant they were to tolerating dwarfs and trolls, one wonders if it is possible for an entire society to have Character Development.
  • Learning that Brick, the troll (now recovering) drug addict from Thud!, was adopted by Detritus and Ruby.
  • Feeney redeems himself in Vimes' eyes by making a little speech.
  • Ironic under the circumstances, but Willikins' remarks just before he kills Stratford about how Vimes, despite his constant dread of his own darkness, couldn't even begin to turn villainous are a Heartwarming moment tucked away inside the Battle Butler's Moment of Awesome.
    • Also, basically every time Willikins and Vimes interact. Once again, it's a character development thing — watching Willikins go from an employee who barely tolerates Vimes out of loyalty to Sybil to a trusted friend over the course of a dozen books.
      • Willikins seems a lot less butler-y and more casual around Vimes in this novel, testament to just how strong the bond the two of them has become,
      • Also heartwarming when you remember that a few books ago, the help weren't comfortable around Vimes because they considered him a noble and not a commoner like them.
      • Taking down one of the dwarfs that were trying to murder your boss's infant son can build a lot of trust and camaraderie.
  • Nobby's relationship with a goblin girl, which surprises Vimes. Nobby even calls her "young lady" in total sincerity.
  • Vimes as Daddy. Daddy who constantly worries he's not being a very good Daddy or being Daddy enough hours of the day. Every. Time. Especially when you take into account that Vimes hardly had a father figure of his own at all growing up. His own father seems to have died when he was around three, and regardless of which Trouser Leg of Night Watch we're talking, he didn't have a solid father figure in the Watch for very long. He's mostly had to raise himself and teach himself how to be a father - somewhat literally in one leg...