Tear Jerker / Snuff

"And he thought, I've just told a goblin not to be frightened
of my son because he loves her and the world has turned upside
down and all sins are forgiven, except possibly mine."

  • "Thank you for believing that [we] have names."
  • The reason Ms. Beedle is so close to the goblins: Her mother was happily raised by goblins until about the age of 11 when a group of humans found her amongst the goblins and slaughtered them. They then proceeded to try and reeducate her, beating her anytime she spoke goblin, until she eventually escaped.
  • This entirely necessary Anvil:
    "Do you know what that little speech you made was called, Mr. Feeney?"
    "Don't know, sir, it's just what I think."
    "It was called redemption, Mr. Feeney. Hold on to it."
  • Wee Mad Arthur's discovery of the pile of goblin bones and bodies at the tobacco plantation in Howondaland, as well as one still living, mutilated goblin slave who is beyond help. The normally humorous-toned Arthur stoically ends its suffering.
  • In-universe, Vetinari claims Pastor Oats' ethnography of the Goblin race had him in tears.