Funny / Sea Patrol

  • 2Dads and the monkey.
  • Kate finding the monkey.
  • Spider and Carly Walsman making out on her dad's boat and the others watching on the camera. Then she inflates his life jacket leading Mike giving Spider a 'don't tell me' look.
  • The wonderful Facepalm that Kate does when she finds out Mike has been reassigned to the Hammersley.
  • Kate, Bomber and Bird watching Dutchy working out and Kate being flustered on the bridge.
  • Spider on an illegal fishing boat
    "Hey X, they've got the whole cast of 'Finding Nemo' down there.
  • Spider trying to order an beer from the French barman and the barman insulting him then Bomber coming over and telling off the barman.
  • RO, 2Dads and Danielle.
  • RO driving a golf buggie, drunk, and ending up in a golf pond.
  • Everyone's reactions to RO getting arrested.
  • The girl giving birth in episode 12 of season one and her idiotic boyfriend.
  • Mike finding Chefo's engagement party and sees Spider dressed up as Kate and laughs. Kate comes in and sees to video. Smile goes away and Mike tries to defend Spider with;
    "Chefo's enegagement dirnks. Several...engagement drinks.
    • Then it cuts to Spider stand to attention with Kate seathing in front of him watching the video. She makes him pay for the rest of the episode.
  • When Mike is promoted and off the Hammersley, Kate and the new commander have to make a report at NavCom. The new commander starts talking about how interesting crocodile mating is; Kate looks at Mike, while he looks anywhere but at her.
  • Buffer dressed as Neptune to lift the curse that Hammersley has come under because their mascot has been stolen.
    • Spider being tied up when the mascot gets stolen, and the look on ET's face when he finds Spider.
  • The crew being asked to find a dog lost at sea that two children put in a dinghy which got loose. Mike even asks if the crew is having him on. They find the dog at the end though.
  • Buffer trying to convince the other crew members that nothing is going on with him and Kate.
    • Buffer and Kate getting back at 2Dads for starting the rumour. It involve some swallowed pearls....