Funny / Sam Kinison

  • His real breakout performance at an appearance on Rodney Dangerfield's ''9th Annual Young Comedians Special''.
  • His first HBO hour-long special contains a scene where Sam reverts to his old days of Bible-thumping preaching, thirty seconds of intense Honest-to-God revivalism that wows the audience.
    Sam: "Wooooo, what a rush!"
  • Joking about the first Persian Gulf War (the 90s version): "I've had parties that lasted longer than this thing."
    • "Hey, were you in World War Three?" "No, but I was at one of Sam Kinison's parties once! I'M LUCKY TO BE ALIVE! I STILL HAVE IRREGULAR HEARTBEATS..."
  • Sam's solution to world hunger: "MOVE OUT OF THE FUCKING DESERT!"
  • One of his more outlandish Jesus jokes:
    Sam: "Hey Jesus do you remember this noise?" (bangs the floor with the microphone like he's using a hammer)
  • Proof that Jesus was never married: no wife would ever believe the Resurrection story.
    Sam: He takes off Friday with twelve other guys...
  • Every routine where he cuts down a hypocritical televangelist. Made more powerful by the fact Kinison was an ex-preacher and was personally horrified by the actions of Jim Bakker and Oral Roberts and others during the spate of late 1980s scandals.
    • He also got a lot of satisfaction out of Pat Robertson's failed Presidential campaign. "God wanted you to run for President? God must want you to look like a complete ass in the political arena then."
  • "Love Song". Sam starts off with a nostalgic and mellow flashback to a bad relationship and offers up a song... that quickly devolves into a series of insults and a screaming demand "I want my records back!"
  • Sam's guest appearance on In Living Color!. He stars in his own family entertainment sitcom "The Kinisons". It's as evil as it sounds.