Funny / Rockabilly Zombie Weekend

  • After everyone takes the badly shaken and drugged-up Patti away from her truck, Sinister Minister is the first one to point out that her windshield is covered in blood and bits of rendered flesh and continues ranting about how much blood there is even as he wanders far off screen. "Did you run over a hobo?"
  • Morbid, but Bo complimenting Tommy (after insulting his intelligence) on his shooting without realizing that he wasn't on the truck and was being eaten by a horde back at the hospital. His only reaction upon Grant pointing out the problem is "My bad."
  • Bo's foreboding and heavy declaration of "Boggy Creek Road" when asked how to get to the airport elicits laughs from some Florida natives; Boggy Creek Road is a real road in Kissimmee and notoriously goes through the sticks.