YMMV / Rockabilly Zombie Weekend

  • Government Conspiracy: A sound possibility: The Men in Black insist on using a cropduster spraying the tri-county area as the test for a new mosquito repellent, which is ominously locked in a "Toxic Contents" container. There's at least some implication of it being a weapons test. Not to mention that Curtis says that the news reports are already blaming it on mosquito bites and the repellent within minutes of the wedding being overrun. Did the story get fed to the news stations by the government?
  • Nightmare Fuel: Patti's smoking crack in her SUV on a dark forest road on the way to her daughter's wedding, when she suddenly hears a gunshot nearby and ducks down. She can't see anything but the wild waving of the victim's flashlight, but hears him screaming and shooting wildly before everything goes quiet. The only sign of him nearby is the blood and bits of flesh sprayed across the windshield...