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Funny: Richie Rich
  • The father commenting on the President asking for another loan.
  • Van Dough is having a Villainous Breakdown when he finds that the Rich Family Vault that he's been trying to break into the entire movie turns out to be filled with keepsakes of minimal monetary worth. He starts demanding where the money is, to which Mr. Rich responds in his best 'are you completely stupid?' voice: "In banks! Where else?!"
  • Van Dough manages to make it up the ladder on the Scaffolding in Mt. Richmore. He's about to shoot Richie, only to find he is out of bullets. As if that wasn't bad enough as it was, Rich flashes him that classic Culkin smirk before kicking the ladder over with Van Dough on it.
  • Cadbury had to steal the clothes from the guy who was sent to kill him. After escaping prison, he noticed an old woman looking at her in fear. He only told her a pleasant "Morning, madam", but she slowly ran off.
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