Heartwarming: Richie Rich

Comics and Cartoon Adaptation

  • In the Hanna Barbara adaptation, Irona's bodyguard function is rather charming. The moment she receives a distress call from Richie, she will react, "Uh Oh, Richie's in trouble!," instantly go into jet plane mode and launch while yelling "I'm coming, Richie!"
  • In one story, Richie is trying to think of a birthday gift for his father, but he can't think of anything for the man who literally has everything. Finally, he goes to his dad and invites him to go to a baseball game. In the final frame, Richie hears his father on the phone with a friend. His father is breaking down crying, telling the friend that his son gave him the best birthday gift he could imagine.

Film Adaptation

  • Richard and Regina Rich make it clear that their vault contains childhood memories and treasures, not money or gold (the opposite of the comics).
    Van Dough: Are you kidding me? You mean to tell me that there isn't a single gold bar, or emerald, or thousand dollar bill in this entire mountain?!
    Mr. Rich: Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you Lawrence, but that's not what we treasure.
    • To enter the vault, Richard and Regina have to sing a duet in harmony, and the song they use they know by heart.
      • Better yet: The song is "Side by Side" which is about loving someone no matter how poor you are.
  • The end where Richie is playing baseball with his friends and his parents call him truly the richest boy in the world.