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Funny: Republic Commando
  • When you shoot the jet-pack looking thing that the Trandoshan commandos wear on their backs, they'll go up into the air, and die when they hit the ceiling, walls, or floor. Even funnier when Scorch says "Hey! I didn't know Trandoshans could fly!" or sometimes "Wheeeeee!"
  • Half the stuff Scorch says really.
    Scorch: So why don't we just fly outta here?
    Ship AI: Engines Offline.
    Scorch: *sigh* Figures.

    Sev: See, that's what I'm talking about. It's a power generator in the middle of a tree. Strange.
    Scorch: Sev, when this is over, I'm gonna make sure you get some serious R&R.

    Sev: And the Wookiees could use it to get an edge on the slavers.
    Scorch: Yeah! Wookiee life-debts for everyone!
  • This exchange on an elevator, out of nowhere:
    Advisor Get to it then!
    Scorch Why aren't we moving?
    Boss Sev, the button.
    Sev Oh, sorry sir.
  • Upon finding the Grenade Launcher attachment;
    Boss: ...anti-armor. Great against fortified droids, armored vehicles, and anyone else with an inflated opinion of himself.

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