Trivia / Star Wars: Republic Commando

  • What Could Have Been: The sequel, Imperial Commando, was axed. This left us with an unresolved Cliffhanger ending — the game cuts out right as the survivors of Delta Squad are being sent to the front lines one more time on the eve of Order 66.
    • According to lead programmer Brett Douville, there were two directions they were debating taking the sequel: one which focuses on Delta Squad getting caught up in the execution of Order 66 and having to take down Jedi, the other focusing on Sev going on to become the first soldier in the nascent Rebellion and sharing his tactical knowledge.
    • Co-op was something that the development team considered, but they had to axe that option given the realities of how difficult co-op can be to develop for. One of those, "It would be great, but we don't have the time/budget for it."