Funny / Prison Break

  • In Season 1's "Tweener" episode the gang is interrupted in their dig by a CO and one of the secretaries, sneaking off for a tryst.
    Sucre: Do you think he found the hole?
  • While hunting for the stashed money in Season Two, T-Bag boasts about what he'll be doing with his share of the money. He mentions heading to Thailand, and buying a new hand on the Black Market. C-Note then points out, to T-Bag's consternation, that his new hand wouldn't be white.
  • When going through the plan in 2x03, Michael won't let Lincoln turn on the radio. Lincoln then comments about how he can't get used to how quiet it is outside, saying how he 'got used to' the noise inside the walls. Michael responds deadpan: "You're right. We should go back."
  • Lincoln and LJ's conversation about girls in Unearthed:
    Lincoln: I saw you checking out those girls back at the diner.
    LJ: Nah, I was just making sure they weren't staring at us.
    Lincoln: With what, their asses?
  • Of the dark variety - T-Bag being interrupted while giving a "The Reason You Suck" Speech with severe bodily injury. It happens a lot.
  • Doubles as a Continuity Nod - on the heels of an emotional discussion about Sara's torture at the hands of Gretchen, Sara says she wants to start over with Michael.
    Michael: Start over. (Beat, then totally deadpan) Okay, but, uh, does that mean I have to divorce my wife?.
    Sara: (giggles) Because you're still married to a Russian stripper.
    Michael: (smiles) Okay, A) I've a little busy, and B) I'm pretty sure she was Czech.
  • Sucre reluctantly agreeing to be seduced by an older man in order to succeed in the mission to get his Scylla card data — only to discover that the man was really looking (and willing to pay a grand) for a younger, attractive man to sleep with his equally young and attractive wife.
  • Now talking about raping someone isn't funny. But when T-Bag has Sarah handcuffed to a door he talks about feeling like a million bucks. That in itself also isn't funny, but the little dance that T-Bag does is the funniest thing for some reason.
  • T-Bag is roped into providing a distraction for the rest of the guys by pretending to be an animal rights activist chaining himself to an embassy gate. Seeing him try to pull off the role ("ELEPHANTS!") is good enough, but then there's his reaction to how little the job actually paid off when he got the crap beaten out of him for it.
  • Lincoln telling T-Bag that after a vote from everybody, he was in luck... he would indeed be given stick of gum for him to chew on the van ride back to prison.