Awesome / Prison Break

  • Possibly one of the biggest cake takers is in Season 4, where Michael and co pull a big move on the Company in Selfless. Some classic lines, including:
    Lincoln: Bet you wish you'd framed somebody else, huh?
    Sucre: Suck it, General.
    General: How did you get all five cards?
  • After being betrayed by one of his prison cohorts, Abruzzi breaks a lightbulb, sneaks up to the traitor, presses the shard of glass to his eye and delivers yesterday's news.
  • Micheal holding Warden Pope at knife-point in the climax of Season 1. The old man never saw the betrayal coming, which made Michael's sudden stone cold attitude towards him all the more epic.
    Pope: You can't possibly get away with this—
    Scofield: *brandishes knife* I don't think you want to find out how badly I want to get my brother out of here.
  • And T-Bag's takeover of Sona at the end of Season 3, truly cementing him as a Magnificent Bastard.
  • Mahone killing the agent who murdered Mahone's 7 year old son. Mahone calmly tortures the man to make him apologize. Then as the man is about to launch into his mind bending 'we're not so different, you and I-' Mahone throws him off a jetty, to his death, without a word, and calmly leaves
  • Michael in season three hiding a Batman Gambit inside his escape attempt to make sure all the people he doesn't want with him don't make it out.
  • Sucre refusing to tell the Panamanian police where the brothers are while being brutally tortured at the end of Season 3.
  • The frequent reunions of Michael and Sucre — most notably after the 'double-cross' in Utah.
    Michael: Adios, amigos?
    Sucre: (long pause, then grins) Too much?
    Michael: You were great. (bro hug)
  • Michael purposely rigging the escape tunnel to collapse and kill Sammy in Season 3. Furthermore, it is the first death that Michael intentionally caused in the series.
    • Sammy himself had an awesome moment in the beginning of the third season, by beating and snapping the neck of another inmate, shocking the usually stoic Michael.
  • Lincoln saving Michael and Roland in season four from a server room losing oxygen by calmly taking an axe from a nearby firetruck and breaking the server room window open with a single strike.