Funny / Poptropica

Poptropica may be a game aimed at children, but it does have a few moments that are funny to all!
  • On Backlot Island, where you learn that your character doesn't know how to use a film camera.
    Your Character: ( After receiving a Telephoto camera and asked to take a picture with it.) I think this camera is broken! There's no viewfinder!. No power button!
  • And after meeting a photography expert:
    Expert: Just put the film in.
    Your character: What the heck is "film"?
  • We get this little scene when you enter Studio 4:
    Carson Willis: Ok, Kirk, go ahead and suit up
    [Kirk walks out of the room, and walks back in wearing an ape suit]
    Kirk: A monkey suit?
    Carson Willis: You look marvelous!
    Kirk: It's demeaning! I won't do it!
    [Kirk walks away and throws the ape costume]
    Carson Willis: *Sigh*
  • The hilariously meta Mocktropica Island, which calls out all the tropes it can, including Fetch Quest and Gotta Catch 'Em All by name.
  • Some of the stuff Joe Stockman has swallowed on Virus Hunter Island, like a Fan and a Penny.
  • Monster Carnival Island has Honest Gabe's Garage. Honest Gabe, however, is doing five for defrauding customers. But the real gem comes next:
    Your Character: Why don't you change the name?
    Mechanic: Can't beat the power of a good brand!
  • When the player character is captured by Black Widow and re-encounters the mysterious man on Counterfeit Island:
    Player Character: And you! You set me up! Man, I don't like anyone in this room...well, except me. Me, I like.
  • On Game Show Island, when you're playing Mr. Yoshi's Super Terrific Challenge, the robot's quotes about your outfit just keep getting funnier.
    Player (wearing a giant bowling-ball suit): How do you move in this thing?
    Robot: You look great! Let's go!