Funny / Poptropica

Poptropica may be a game aimed at children, but it does have a few moments that are funny to all!
  • On Backlot Island, where you learn that your character doesn't know how to use a film camera.
    Your Character: [After receiving a Telephoto camera and being asked to take a picture with it.] I think this camera is broken! There's no viewfinder!. No power button!
  • And after meeting a photography expert:
    Expert: Just put the film in.
    Your character: What the heck is "film"?
  • We get this little scene when you enter Studio 4:
    Carson Willis: Ok, Kirk, go ahead and suit up.
    [Kirk walks out of the room, and walks back in wearing an ape suit]
    Kirk: A monkey suit?
    Carson Willis: You look marvelous!
    Kirk: It's demeaning! I won't do it!
    [Kirk walks away and throws the ape costume]
    Carson Willis: [Sigh]
  • The hilariously meta Mocktropica Island, which calls out all the tropes it can, including Fetch Quest and Gotta Catch 'Em All by name. And of course, the fact there is an actual Mega Fighting Bots site.
  • Some of the stuff Joe Stockman has swallowed on Virus Hunter Island, like a Fan and a Penny.
  • Monster Carnival Island has Honest Gabe's Garage. Honest Gabe, however, is doing five for defrauding customers. But the real gem comes next:
    Your Character: Why don't you change the name?
    Mechanic: Can't beat the power of a good brand!
  • When the player character is captured by Black Widow and re-encounters the mysterious man on Counterfeit Island:
    Player Character: And you! You set me up! Man, I don't like anyone in this room...well, except me. Me, I like.
  • On Game Show Island, when you're playing Mr. Yoshi's Super Terrific Challenge, the robot's quotes about your outfit just keep getting funnier.
    Player [wearing a giant bowling-ball suit]: How do you move in this thing?
    Robot: You look great! Let's go!