Funny / Pokémon Snap

  • Any moment where you play the PokéFlute within a Pikachu's earshot.
    "Pi-ka-CHUU~!!" (uses Thundershock)
  • Meowth getting hit with Pidgey's gust.
    • Dancing Meowth, which, of course, requires the PokéFlute or using Pester Balls to simply save Meowth from the vengeful Pidgeys.
  • You can find a sleeping Snorlax on the Beach stage. Simply taking a photo won't yield any satisfactory resutls, but hit it with a Pester Ball and it'll get up for a few seconds. Use the Poké Flute, and it will dance!
  • The first Pikachu you see in the Tunnel stage. Take its picture, and it'll run off until it hops on the first Electrode. And then Electrode explodes with Pikachu unharmed, but startled.
  • The Volcano stage has a group of Charmanders yelling "Char!" over and over. Michael Haigney's voice especially makes it funny.
  • The River stage is a cornucopia of comedy. We have Bulbasaur's "Bul-ba!" when it gets hit with a Pester Ball, the Slowpoke, and the funniest part of the stage is Psyduck. If you hit the yellow ducky with Pokémon Food or a Pester Ball, it sinks into the water, but it'll continuously pop out of the water and quack.
  • The Cave stage has the Ditto posing as Bulbasaur, as well as Pikachu being kidnapped by a Zubat. If you rescue Pikachu by pelting Pester Balls at Zubat, it'll fly down on balloons it sprouts from its back.
    • Jigglypuff getting upset at players who interrupt her singing by either throwing an apple or playing the PokéFlute.
  • The Mankey in the Valley stage.
    • Upon entering the Valley, three Squirtle swim in front of the vehicle. They show up again later to knock a Mankey off a cliff, as if he were a bowling pin.
  • The sound Pikachu makes after he eats Pokémon food. CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
  • The official strategy guide has this gem when explaining the ZERO-ONE's hovercraft mode.
    Since the crumbling rock walls of the Cave are too unstable to support a vehicle, jet thrusters activate to enable the ZERO-ONE to hover safely. Unfortunately, there are no in-flight snacks on this trip.
  • If, for whatever reason, you took a photo of a Pokemon, with their rear end pointed at the camera, and then show it to Oak, his reaction is pretty funny.
  • One of Mew's boss patterns is him literally wiggling his feet at you.