Funny / Pet Project

  • Minerva turning Albus' socks into cockroaches.
  • "Dark side? What are you, the red-headed Darth Vader?"
  • Many of the things Hermione thinks about Snape after she starts to think of him as the woobie. Especially this:
    "She'd begun to think of his as some black-coated, overgrown, misunderstood house elf that only needed someone to stand up for him."
  • Everything that has to do with Little Sev.
  • "I don't know what that piece of chicken did to you, but I'm sure it's real sorry."
  • The entirety of Hermione's magical depletion.
    Ron: You called me an 'interfering Molly-wannabe with delusions of ownership of your person.
  • "Of course she saw me. I was her bloody Potions Professor."
  • Hermione's reaction to Neville trying to comfort her after her magical depletion is priceless.
  • The Great and Noble House of Granger and everyone's reactions to it.
  • Vector's reactions to Dumbledore. All of them, especially her reaction to him showing up on her doorstep early in the morning.
  • Anytime Dumbledore and Alverez interact.
  • Hermione's Love Epiphany.
  • Snape arguing with Fawkes.
  • Rink telling Hermione about his favorite punishments and offering to swing the door really hard on her finger if it would make her feel better.
  • When Hermione tells the Order that it is her fault Hogwarts has been closed off, they all look at her as if she is alien and dangerous, except Vector who is looking at her "like she was the last chocolate cream biscuit on the plate."