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Funny / Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

  • Two in "Oh What A Knight": First, Oswald detaching his head to keep his head from being chopped off, and then leaving his shadow behind to fight for him while he goes to his girl. Yeah.
  • In "Trolley Troubles", as Oswald's oiling up the trolley, a little bunny stands nearby and observes. Annoyed, Oswald moves him aside, and squirts him with a shot of oil to knock him away.
    • The bizarre squashing and stretching tracks that Oswald has to navigate the trolley through.
    • Also in that same cartoon, Oswald punches a cow trying to get on.
  • The trade to get Oswald back to Disney is bizarrely funny on a meta level. They traded experienced broadcaster Al Michaels (John Madden's frequent commenting partner) for a cartoon character. Even Michaels thought it was funny. For many Disney fans, it's correcting an eighty year long blunder, but in the very simpliest form, Disney traded a human being for a cartoon rabbit
  • In the 1930 Lantz cartoon "Not So Quiet", Oswald is a World War I soldier sent by Pegleg Pete to deliver a message to the western front. Upon delivering the message, he reads it over the receivers' shoulder: Shoot this guy at sunrise. The sun begins to rise, and Oswald reaches over the horizon and pushes it down; it's visibly, and hilariously, annoyed.
    • Later, a cannonball is coming at Oswald—but then cheers sound offscreen, and someone puts a sign up reading "Armistice is Signed." The cannonball laughs, cheerily shakes hands with Oswald, and melts away.
  • In All Wet Oswald sells sentient hot dogs. A normal dog ends up tearfully letting his hotdog go free after finding he can't bring himself to eat it.
  • In the 1930 short "Mars", Oswald arrives back on Earth via a comet just in time before Pegleg Pete and his girlfriend get married—by explosively crashing headfirst into Pete, giving an instant-KO, while Oswald and his girl walk off happily.
  • In "Radio Rhythm", there is a very funny, broad visual gag where a singing walrus literally becomes pencil thin (as in, his whole body becomes a single stringy line when he's hitting a note)!