Heartwarming / Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

  • The ending of "Great Guns", where Oswald is revived and reunited with his girlfriend, who was working as a nurse in the army.
  • For everyone who is still feeling sad about Oswald's inevitable "woobie" status, just look at this statue done by Sideshow entitled True Originals All together now: D'awww!
  • In the beginning, Walt Disney was out played by Universal, who took his creation from him, forcing Walt to make his own studio. After appearing in only a handful of shorts, Oswald was left to be unused, unloved, and forgotten for decades. In 2006, Disney traded its sportscaster Al Michaels, a real human being, to NBC in exchange for the rights to Oswald. When they got Oswald, Disney proceeded to pull out all the stops for the ensuing reboot.
    • Even better? Al Michaels has said that getting Oswald back was the more important step and that Disney got the better deal.
    • He also compared it to a contemporary trade between two football teams:
      "Oswald is definitely worth more than a fourth-round draft choice. I'm going to be a trivia answer someday."
    • According to Walt Disney's daughter, Diane Disney Miller, Bob Iger told her he wanted Oswald back in Disney's IP shortly after becoming CEO. Her official statement acknowledged him as a man of his word.
  • Oswald finally has his own meet and greet in Disneyland Tokyo!