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Funny: Origin: Spirits of the Past
  • This troper was watching Origin, and was about to the attack of the forest beast when a leaf fell off of the plant on my mantelpiece. I jumped about 4 feet out of my chair before i realized it was just a leaf, and the forest plants wasn't attacking me for rooting for Ragnar.
  • There's a hilarious moment in the big fight between Agito and Shunack where Shunack does a Goomba Springboard off of Agito, grabbing Toola at the same time in one fluid movement. His smug face afterwards as Agito takes a dive is brilliant.
  • The appearence of a walking volcano cannon in the third act strains credibility at the best of times, but it becomes doubly hilarious if you play Dwarf Fortress, a game where making a lava-powered Wave Motion Gun and destroying tree-hugging elves is a national pasttime.
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