!!Onimusha: Warlords

* [[MadScientist Guildenstern]]'s [[EstablishingCharacterMoment first scene]]. That fact that he's dissecting some poor, hapless human shouldn't necessarily be funny, but Guildenstern's [[NightmareFetishist gleeful excitement]] sends it straight into BlackComedy.
--> '''Guildenstern''': "And what's this? Ooh, a ''liver''!"
* Unlock Samanosuke's "joke" outfit, the panda suit. Wear it. Watch the cutscenes in an entirely different light.
*** And the player can choose to remove/wear the panda head which carries over into cutscenes!

!!Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny

* The moment just before Jubei's third (and final) battle against [[NobleDemon Gogandantess]].
--> '''Gogandantess''': ''(for the [[CatchPhrase umpteenth]] [[RunningGag time]])'' "[[LargeHam My name is Gogandantess, the greatest swordsman of all... demons]]!"
--> '''Jubei''': "...Could we just get ''on'' with this?"
* So was their first fight.
--> '''Gogandantess''': I'm glad you asked. My name is...Gogandantess! The grrrreatest swordsman of all demons!
--> '''Jubei''': What's wrong with you!? Who talks like that!?"
* Most of [[VitriolicBestBuds Magoichi and Ekei's]] confrontations count.
* Perhaps [[NarmCharm unintentional]], but Jubei's reaction upon meeting a dying villager at the beginning of the game counts. "Are you alright?!" No, Jubei, the guy's just been peppered with arrows, [[SarcasmMode I'm sure he's feeling just peachy]]...
** Then, Jubei goes on to say the same line, in the same tone of voice, several times throughout the game. His catchphrase, perhaps?
* Giving the LovePotion as a gift to any of Jubei's comrades. HilarityEnsues.
** It gets better when you give the [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything Tengu Mask]] or the Naughty Novel to Oyu and combine either of them with the LovePotion.
* More fun with alternate "joke" costumes: Jubei and Oyu's 70s-style outfits. Wear them and watch the cutscenes.
* Ekei's disappointed reaction when he discovers that the villager's beautiful daughter he offered to rescue is not a sexy, nubile young woman, but a baby instead. (However, the scene promptly turns into MoodWhiplash when the crying baby triggers bad memories for Ekei.)

!!Onimusha 3: Demon Siege

* When [[TheVamp Vega Donna]] orders [[PunchClockVillain Heihachi]] to finish off Jacques... and he refuses. Her outraged reaction sells it.
* Samanosuke's panda suit makes a return... and this time it's even better, as, not only does it now have two little panda plushies in the pouch at the front, it also has five different facial expressions, ranging from a [[SlasherSmile sinister grin]] to [[PuppyDogEyes giant glistening eyes]]. Have fun!

!!Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams

* When Jubei states that only the Yagyu sword can slay a Genma and tells Soki to stand back. His answer? Slashing down one of them with his sword saying: "Is that ''all''?". Cue to Jubei's face....
* The scene where Jubei meet Minokichi for the first time is pretty funny. In shorts, he accidentally scares the crap out of her as she's crawling under a fence (causing her to hit her head) and then she tries to shank him.